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Vitalii Sydorenko

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What Jiffsy customers say


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Ever since I started working with the Jiffsy team, I noticed a tremendous positive impact on my conversion rate.

Jiffsy has figured out how to keep visitors engaged and entertained while shopping and has had an amazing impact on our business. They somehow also decreased our bounce rate to just 10%!

If you want to transform the mobile experience for your customers all while collaborating with an innovative and incredibly helpful team, choose Jiffsy!


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I was impressed by the results after the AB-test and support guys provided.

They did integration and set up analytics for testing on their own. As a result, we achieved +38% session duration and decreased bounce rate to 7.7%. Good to know that I have somebody to write about any issues with my storefront and have fast answers and help.


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My experience with Jiffsy has been extremely positive. Since acquiring their software app, we have gained +37% mobile sales, +52% session duration, and decreased bounce rate to 12.4%.

The Company goes above and beyond to ensure your experience with their software is profitable, and are always willing to give a helping hand if you don't understand something. From downloading the app to set-up and results.

This app is a must have for any E-commerce Platform.