Integrated with Shopify

Integrated with Shopify

Remarkably fast frontend to boost revenue by 40%

Get a 10X faster headless store integrated with Shopify and powered by AI recommendations in 2 weeks. No code. No designers. No efforts.

Supercharge your frontend while keeping your Shopify backend

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Why headless is so cool?

Headless is the separation of the front-end user experience and the store's back-end. You still manage all your products and payments on Shopify, but you're not limited to what the Shopify theme offers.

No Liquid limitations

You can do whatever you want without being limited to Liquid template language. We use React, the most popular programming language, which is why it is easier to find developers and create faster.


You can make different storefronts for different audiences easily. Headless commerce gives you the freedom to create truly bespoke, personalized experiences across various devices and channels.

ROI Efficiency

Meager bounce rate and improved SEO make the most of your traffic and marketing investment.

Site Speed

Achieve top page speed translating to higher conversion rates and driving more revenue.

Tech stack

We spent 100+ hours testing and combining different technologies to find a perfect match and super-performance on mobile


By leveraging app integrations, merchants can expand their ecommerce capabilities, automate various business processes, and streamline their operations.

Featured examples


It's our mission to help you build superior online shopping experiences, fast and easy, with best-in-class technology.


Book a product demo with our team to go through the details of your store and how we can improve it.


In 7 days, you will receive a draft of your store with your branding and planned scope of work.

03 – optional

We do all the settings and launch a 14-day AB test to compare your current store with the Jiffsy version.


We connect your new stunningly fast frontend to your store.

Do business. We will cover you in tech.

Our experienced commerce geeks team got all tech things covered! From set up to sales control, we will make sure you scale your business with Jiffsy.


Page to page loading time


Google speed index


Revenue increase


Session duration

Endless social media-like product feed powered with AI.

We analyze users' behavior and show products they love. As a result, session duration grows by 50%, and bounce rate drops threefold.

Unique features

All configurations in one place to create your unique brand identity

Product feed elements: subscriptions, forms, recommendations

Change colors, fonts, menu items, sizing, roundness and more

Save as an app

Comfortable size chart

Instagram recent posts

Functional lookbook or runway page

What customers and market experts say?


Rated 4.9 / 5

Headless commerce needs a front-end revolution and a mobile-focused player; Jiffsy is that mobile-focused player that can lead that revolution.

Cristobal Alonso

Global CEO at Startup Wise Guys

Ever since I started working with the Jiffsy team, I noticed a tremendous positive impact on my conversion rate.

Jiffsy has figured out how to keep visitors engaged and entertained while shopping and has had an amazing impact on our business. They somehow also decreased our bounce rate to just 10%!

If you want to transform the mobile experience for your customers all while collaborating with an innovative and incredibly helpful team, choose Jiffsy!


+65% session duration

+21% conversion rate

I was impressed by the results after the AB-test and support guys provided.

They did integration and set up analytics for testing on their own. As a result, we achieved +38% session duration and decreased bounce rate to 7.7%. Good to know that I have somebody to write about any issues with my storefront and have fast answers and help.

Alice K Clothing

+65% session duration

+21% conversion rate

Jiffsy did a great job with the recommendation system for small and medium brands. Guys implemented recent AI breakthroughs that only became possible in the last couple of years to do stunning personalized experiences for end-users.

Oleksii Sidorov

ex-Facebook AI Researcher

Global mobile commerce is on track to double its share of total retail sales between 2020 and 2025. Jiffsy has made it incredibly easy for brands to create seamless mobile experiences and capitalize on this shift.

Jonathan Kennedy

Founder at HeyCarson

My experience with Jiffsy has been extremely positive. Since acquiring their software app, we have gained +37% mobile sales, +52% session duration, and decreased bounce rate to 12.4%.

The Company goes above and beyond to ensure your experience with their software is profitable, and are always willing to give a helping hand if you don't understand something. From downloading the app to set-up and results.


+65% session duration

+21% conversion rate

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