Boost your revenue by providing an outstanding shopping experience!

Boost your revenue by providing an outstanding shopping experience!

We do a swift mobile-first frontend with AI recommendations for slow fashion brands in 7 days and give a 15% conversion rate growth guarantee.

Integrated with Shopify

Endless social media-like product feed powered with AI.

We analyze users' behavior and show products they love. As a result, session duration grows by 50%, and bounce rate drops threefold.

Just scrolling, we show the most important: recommended products, news & announcements, subscription forms, and everything inside the feed.

Designed for mobiles. Perfectly adapted for desktop screens.

Save as an app

Don’t need to develop a mobile app separately. With PWA technology, users can save your store from the browser to the Home Screen.

Save as an app

Don’t need to develop a mobile app separately. With PWA technology, users can save your store from the browser to the Home Screen.

All configurations in one place to create your unique brand identity

Choose among different product feed elements: subscriptions, forms, recommendations

Change colors, fonts, menu items, sizing, roundness and more

Or just make everything dark

Must-have features for any fashion brand

Functional and bright lookbook or runway page

Show photos and mark your products there.

Instagram recent posts

Grow your community with the latest content from Instagram.

Behind the brand section

People love stories; tell your customers why you do it.

People love stories; tell your customers why you do it.

Comfortable size chart

We will take data from your table and make it looks great.

Featured examples

Do fashion. We will cover you in tech.

Our experienced commerce geeks team got all tech things covered! From set up to sales control, we will make sure you scale your business with Jiffsy.


Page to page loading time


Google speed index


Revenue increase


Session duration

Lots of perks in one pricing

Lots of perks in one pricing


・Analytical dashboard
・App Integrations
・Personal customer support manager
・AB-tests included
・Setup and basic customisation for your brand

Need more?

・Custom design blocks
・Custom integrations
・Additional features development
・Funnel analytics and AB-tests
・Personal manager
・Dev team

15% conversion rate growth guarantee

No conditions or questions. Get the refund if we don't show growth (which is very unlikely)

15% conversion rate growth guarantee

No conditions or questions. Get the refund if we don't show growth (which is very unlikely)

What’s next?


You will have a call with one of our team members to go through the details.


Pay for the first month/year and submit information about your Shopify store.


In 7 days, you will receive a ready-to-go updated store with your branding.

04 – optional

We launch a 14-days AB test to compare your current store with the Jiffsy version.

What customers and market experts say?

Rated 4.9 / 5

Headless commerce needs a front-end revolution and a mobile-focused player; Jiffsy is that mobile-focused player that can lead that revolution.

Cristobal Alonso

Global CEO at Startup Wise Guys

Ever since I started working with the Jiffsy team, I noticed a tremendous positive impact on my conversion rate.

Jiffsy has figured out how to keep visitors engaged and entertained while shopping and has had an amazing impact on our business. They somehow also decreased our bounce rate to just 10%!

If you want to transform the mobile experience for your customers all while collaborating with an innovative and incredibly helpful team, choose Jiffsy!


+65% session duration

+21% conversion rate

I was impressed by the results after the AB-test and support guys provided.

They did integration and set up analytics for testing on their own. As a result, we achieved +38% session duration and decreased bounce rate to 7.7%. Good to know that I have somebody to write about any issues with my storefront and have fast answers and help.

Alice K Clothing

+38% session duration

+7.7% conversion rate

Jiffsy did a great job adding the recommendation system to their app. Guys implemented recent AI breakthroughs and made them work even for small brands with no data! The best way to quickly add personalization to your store.

Oleksii Sidorov

ex-Facebook AI Researcher

Global mobile commerce is on track to double its share of total retail sales between 2020 and 2025. Jiffsy has made it incredibly easy for brands to create seamless mobile experiences and capitalize on this shift.

Jonathan Kennedy

Founder at HeyCarson

My experience with Jiffsy has been extremely positive. Since acquiring their software app, we have gained +37% mobile sales, +52% session duration, and decreased bounce rate to 12.4%.

The Company goes above and beyond to ensure your experience with their software is profitable, and are always willing to give a helping hand if you don't understand something. From downloading the app to set-up and results.


+52% session duration

+37% conversion rate

Frequently Asked Questions

So is it a regular theme for Shopify?

No, it is a private app you can use to build and maintain your storefront. We use Jamstack and PWA technologies that Shopify themes don't support. It enables us to make our storefront super-fast on mobile and use a session-based recommendation system.

Can I try before buying it?

We have a 30-days refund policy, so you can try, and if something goes wrong, you can back your money any time without any conditions.

How will I know that it is worth my time?

We will conduct a 14-days AB test to compare your current theme with a Jiffsy version with Google Optimize. No worries, all the setup is on our side; you just sit and watch how your sales are growing.

What will happen with my current installed apps?

We do all necessary integrations for your apps.

How can I install it?

We do everything for you. After you make a payment, we send a short form to fill out and request collaborative access to your store. Once we have it, we do the settings and customization for your brand.

I don't understand anything in coding. Can I use it?

Yes, for sure. Your efforts are minimal. We do all the setup and customization for you. No coding or design skills are needed.

Will this product change my current theme?

No! We build it on a separate page, and if you like it, you use it as a main storefront instead of your theme. If not, you can get back to your theme at any minute.

Can I use it only for mobile and stay with my current desktop version?

Yes, sure. We understand you were working on your desktop a lot, so you can start from mobile and consider the desktop later.

Our team

Nice folks to chat about e-commerce any time, but better soon

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