QASIMI is a London-based fashion brand with a Middle Eastern heritage founded in 2015 by Khalid Al Qasimi. The brand focuses on crafting understated and refined garments from a perspective that reflects its multicultural origins.


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Curafyt’s number one traffic source is mobile. Because of their sluggish site speed they saw a steep decline in click-through-rate and conversion on mobile compared to desktop.

Curafyt was looking for a solution that could improve their site performance on mobile, give them more freedom in the frontend to express their brand, increase time to market by reducing developer dependencies and build localized shopping experiences that convert.


irst and foremost, the pre-built library of eCommerce blocks, components and pages, all editable with no-code tools. Enabled Curafyt to build their first storefront in a matter of days instead of months.

Next, 3rd party technologies such as Trustpilot, which they used in their previous storefront needed to be integrated in their new headless store. Thanks to the Instant Commerce API layer which has over 50+ pre-built integrations with the most popular eCommerce technology, this was done in a matter of seconds instead of days.

Tech stack

We spent 100+ hours testing and combining different technologies to find a perfect match and super-performance on mobile


By leveraging app integrations, merchants can expand their ecommerce capabilities, automate various business processes, and streamline their operations.

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